About Almack's Historical Dance Society We are a group of people that enjoy old fashioned dancing and socializing. We enjoy mostly dances from Jane Austen time known as English Country Line Dances, and dances from Americas birth known as Contra dancing. We also enjoy many other forms of dancing that celebrate the past and different cultures.

We chose Almack's as the name of our group because Almack's was the name of a number of establishments and social assembly halls in London between the 18th and 20th centuries.
It was the most prestigious and fashionable place to dance and Invitations were highly desirable. The Lords and Ladies of Almack's were trend setters in their era. 

Our hope is to be trendsetters in our community and promote wholesome entertainment, provide opportunities for enriching social interactions, and encourage a bit of refinement as well.
Even though the Almack's was exclusive, we want to be inclusive and invite all to join us!

About Owner: LADY CARSTENSI really wanted to go to a Jane Austen Ball I found, but couldn't afford the travel and hotel on top of the ticket price. That is when I decided to throw my own Regency Ball and keep it simple. That experience is the experience that just keeps giving and giving to me.
-I had a magical night with my husband and friends,
-Other couples kept coming back and saying this helped them remember the love they had for each other and asked for more experiences like this,
-The Youth I have worked with have learned the value of being proper Ladies and Gentlemen and I have been able to watched them grow and mature.
-These positive experiences kept me encouraged to keep planning events and has led to the creation of Almack's Historical Dance Society.

I love learning these dances, sharing with others, meeting a variety of people, and forming relationships. I love the joy that fills the room every time we participate in this wholesome activity. It leaves me reaching for all the good enriching things life has to offer.

Lady Carstens


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