Membership Ball - March 2nd

Our first annual "Members Winter Ball" will be held
March 2nd @ 7:00 @ Idaho Falls School of Ballet

This Ball is for those who have purchased a year membership
to Almack's Historical Dance Society

There will be minimal instruction that night
Just quick reviews of dances we have already done
and lots of fun dancing all of them!

If you wish to join us but don't have a Membership

You can purchase a yearly membership for 
$20 per person - $35 a couple - $50 a family

If you have already attended one of our full sessions at full price
contact me and I will give you a discount


Discount on every Session and Event for a year
an invitation to 1 free ball within the year for members only
first choice on sessions before they are announced to the public
 more perks in the works


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