Cache Valley Regency Ball

 Dearest Friends and Patrons of the Dance,

I hope this note finds you in the most delightful of spirits and robust health this new year. It is with a fluttering heart and a spirit of adventure that I, Lady Carstens, pen this letter to impart a piece of most exhilarating news.

I have been summoned to a distant and verdant land, known to many as Cache Valley. Here, amidst its rolling hills and picturesque valley, I am to assume the esteemed role of calling dances at the much-anticipated Cache Valley Regency Ball. Such an invitation has brought me great joy as you know I am one devoted to the art of dance and the joys of genteel society.

As I prepare to embark on this journey, I find myself reflecting on the many assemblies and balls we have shared. Each step, turn, and bow were not merely movements in dance but in friendship and shared endeavor, and while carrying these memories with me I would also like to invite each of you to attendance if your heart desires.

The event is Bridgerton Themed and will include
  • Commemorative Photo and Dance Card Package: Capture and remember your evening with personalized portraits and a dance card, delivered electronically post-event.

  • Debut Announcement and Staircase Descent: Experience a grand entrance down a decorated staircase, mimicking the majestic debuts of Regency times.
  • Group Dance Instruction: Participate in a 45-minute session with a dance instructor to learn the ins and outs of Regency dance styles and steps.
  • Regency Era Authors: Meet and converse with many authors who specialize in the Regency era, with opportunities for book signings and discussions.
  • Costume Contest: Engage in friendly competition with several categories to showcase your best Regency attire.
  • Delectable Refreshments: Enjoy a selection of warm beverages and light treats, all flavored to suit the holiday season.
  • Event Photography: A professional photographer will be documenting the evening, ensuring your memories are beautifully captured.
  • Floral Corsages and Boutonnieres: Upon arrival, pick up a floral accessory to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

    Live Music by a String Quartet: Immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of the Regency era with live music performed by a talented string quartet, enhancing the evening's dances and festivities.
Discover more and secure your place amongst the distinguished guests at Cache Valley Regency Ball. Hurry, for only a few coveted tickets remain!

You can also find more information on Facebook and Instagram @cachevalleyregency

I will keep you apprised of my adventures and the new acquaintances I shall no doubt make. Expect correspondence detailing the grandeur of the ball, the elegance of the dances, and perhaps a few anecdotes of the delightful characters I am sure to encounter.

Yours most sincerely,

Lady Carstens

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